الجمعة، 7 يونيو 2013

Egypt the beautiful

Egypt and faces just like the "Khaled Said" .... In spite of the insistence of some to convince us that Egypt and her face is no longer distorted by the beauty, but the truth will inevitably, and the original image Everyone knows that beauty Sangela the day.

If I told her countries meet in which all contradictions of what the security one, despite what ripple by Egypt far from the events like in the case of the throes of a new life, but that this country blessed with extraordinary beauty, forget the little Egypt Ptlutha and corruption management and disaster endless Let's take a tour to Egypt beautiful Babe ..

Egypt Brief filled all colors ..

And despite the harsh desert, but it did not devoid of beauty ..

Neil gives no account ..

And Mazlat raised the pulse that who they built able to rebuild ..
Let's start from the Egyptian countryside:

Great view for drying dates:

Wheat harvest
Towers bathroom in Mit Ghamr:
Who keeps religion of mercy is not intolerance:

Nile River:

No wonder they're already taking the road in the center of his plants Nile dense!

River Nile and the state of creativity:

Siwa Oasis:

Salt Lake in Siwa Oasis
unprecedented beauty in Siwa Oasis
Islands in the Siwa Oasis
The ruins of a medieval castle in the oasis of Siwa
White Desert:

In cemeteries lesson and hopes to look:
South Minya graves
Tombs in Assiut

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