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How to Draw Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was originally a Princess of the Amazons who has won the right to live on “Man’s World.” She is consequently a super heroine who possesses powers such as superhuman strength, flight, speed and agility. She also possesses weapons such as a lasso of truth, indestructible bracelets and a tiara. Learn how to draw this superhero by learning how to draw her new look from the 2009 direct to video animated film of Wonder Woman.

How to Draw Wonder Woman



  1. 1
    Begin by drawing her face and hair. Draw a rounded diamond shape and set on top of it her long hair. Draw also vertical and horizontal lines on her face to serve as guidelines.

    How to Draw Wonder Woman
  2. 2
    Draw a series of shapes for her upper body. Draw the shape of her main body by copying the illustration and then a succession of ovals for her arms ending with the shape of her hands. Draw also a vertical line for the guideline of her body.

    How to Draw Wonder Woman
  3. 3
    Draw her lower body. Draw a succession of shapes and ovals. The ovals that are should be larger than the oval of her arms to emphasize her legs ending with the shape of her boots or shoes.

    How to Draw Wonder Woman
  4. 4
    After drawing different kinds of shapes to create her body, connect everything together and erase some inside lines to form her main body, arms and legs.

    How to Draw Wonder Woman
  5. 5
    Create her superhero outfit. Start by drawing a one piece suit on her upper body and then add in an upside down “V” and stars on it.

    How to Draw Wonder Woman
  6. 6
    Create details such as the shape of her neck, boots, bracelets and the fingers on her hands.

    How to Draw Wonder Woman
  7. 7
    To prepare your drawing for the next step, clean up your drawing a bit by erasing some of the inside lines on her hair, arms, superhero suit, body and boots.

    How to Draw Wonder Woman
  8. 8
    After cleaning up your drawing, do the next step by adding in the details of her face. Then add her tiara, some wavy lines for the gloss on her hair and her lasso of truth located at the left side of her hip.

    How to Draw Wonder Woman
  9. 9
    Finish drawing her by creating a shape in a form of a blaze or long thin zigzag lines around her. The blaze doesn’t have to be perfect it can be a series of small zigzag lines or large ones.

    How to Draw Wonder Woman
  10. 10
    Outline your drawing by erasing pencil marks and guidelines. Use a standard black pen to outline her shape and then a thinner pen to outline the blaze on her background.

    How to Draw Wonder Woman
  11. 11
    Color your drawing! Use colors such as red for her boots, yellow for her blaze, some midnight blue on her suit, the color aquamarine for her eyes and then black for her raven hair.

    How to Draw Wonder Woman

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