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the Great Pyramid

the Great Pyramid

1 - building pyramids shows the greatest building in the whole history
2 - Great Pyramid of Cheops weight of about 6.3 million tons and the number of stones about 2.5 million pieces of stone, the average weight of 2.6 tons widget and some stones up to 10 or 15 tons, rising pyramid 147 meters and an area of ​​53 thousand square meters.
- There is a close relationship between measures of the Great Pyramid and the shape and size of the land and the various measurements.

4 - The Great Pyramid is located on a point on the Earth's surface is perfectly situated in a third of the distance between the equator and the North Pole.

5 - the four aspects of the pyramids form nearest ماتكون of angles to 90 degrees narrowly very difficult for us to achieve like him despite our technological progress.

6 - The Great Pyramid is designed in a certain way to make it a barometer microcosm of the northern hemisphere of the globe and by specific (43200:1) so that the top of the pyramid symbolizes the North Pole and symbolize its base to the equator.
In the sense that he measured the height and circumference of the base of the Great Pyramid especially striking figures in the 43200 get a measurement, which was discovered by the ancient Egyptian hemisphere circumference with amazing accuracy punctuated not wrong to only a small percentage is (1%

- Height of the pyramid of Cheops multiplied by one billion equals (149670000) km and is the same as the distance between the Earth and the sun.
- Orbit that passes the status of the pyramid divides continents and oceans to halves Mtstoyen a completely (from here was said to be in the center of the world).
- The basis of the pyramid divided by twice the height gives us a number of famous Rudolph (3.1416) and known symbol (i) in trigonometry.

- The four corners of the pyramid carefully refer to the original four directions (north-south east-west), which make the world adjusts its accounts in the middle of the twentieth century

the Great Pyramid
the Great Pyramid

the Great Pyramid

the Great Pyramid

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