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nude drawing of sitting woman Step by step drawing

The materials used for this drawing are same as in the example of drawing a face. This was done entirely with graphite pencils HB, 2B, 6B and was left unfinished, so that we can focus on the full process to learn all about it

Nude woman pencil drawing, draw step by step
nude drawing

  • Use exclusively HB pencil at the beginning to draw construction lines, contours and shapes. Pay attention here only to accuracy and not yet to the tone or edges
  • Start giving some background texture with HB pencil, smudge to get only some background value
Nude woman pencil drawing, draw step by step : initial structure and construction lines
nude drawing
  • Once the shapes have been drawn use a soft fabric to smudge, you will see how the contrast is reduced, some more tone added to the background and the contour and lines merge with the background
  • Use the kneaded eraser to make the with areas and preserve without tone
  • Squint your eyes to observe the value of both the subject and your drawing
Nude woman pencil drawing, draw step by step: mass drawing
nude drawing
  • After smudging, always use the kneaded eraser again to show the lighter areas, and after that use the 2B or 6B to show again the darker lines and contour
Nude woman pencil drawing, draw step by step: mass drawing with pencil drawing indications
nude drawing
  • See how the 6B is used in small quantities in some specific areas, the rest is mostly 2B and HB
Nude woman pencil drawing
nude drawing
  • The next step is to focus on the edges, go back to this section again if you need
  • A drawing can be considered finished or not depending on your goal or style, to can make a hiper-realistic drawing or use another more personal approach, here are the basics you can use and hope you can incorporate into your style
  • You can finish your drawings with texture adding interesting effects with splattering of watercolor or other, review the section about texture


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