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design magma river concept

How to draw and paint landscape magma river environmental concept scene digital painting technique e-learning video demo.
How to draw and paint outdoor environmental scenery visual design for Manga, comics, anime, and video games art. This step by step video show you from start the basic shapes and values, blocking in shape, assign colors for painting to create early conceptual painting and refining detail for the final concept painting.
Here you go as you request: Environmental quick concept sketch
Magma (Lava) river enviromental color sketch
Here is a final color sketch of Magma River Environmental concept.
lava flow rocky Environmental design magma river concept
magma river environmental concept art
Watch video tutorial how to paint Magma river enviromental.
Below are step by step image how to draw and paint landscape magma river. environmental concept art using Photoshop, digital painting tutorial. Step 1, this one I start off with rough random shapes with some blurry visual of valley in my head. Step two, I am blocking in shapes and define the composition. Step three, I added more depth and separate three visual elements. Step four, I begin introducing color scheme into the sketch. Finally, I paint additional texture and refine and finish color sketch.
environmental design magma river concept tutorial Environmental design magma river concept
Environment Digital Painting process step by step and video

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