الجمعة، 24 مايو 2013

drawing a dog steps.

Today I’m working on a graphite pencil drawing of a beautiful German Shepherd named Beau. He’s still a young dog, and looks as if he has to grow into his ears, but he’s still gorgeous. I’ll post the drawing as it progresses. Remember, because I’m right handed, I start on the top left side and work my way down the drawing, avoiding unwanted smearing of the graphite. Hope you find these postings helpful in developing your own drawing skills.

Here’s the next step in the progression of this graphite pencil drawing of a German Shepherd dog, Beau.

There’s just no hurrying the process of creating a graphite pencil drawing. Here’s step 3 for you.

Basically, this is the finished graphite pencil drawing of the German Shepherd, Beau. I may take it one step further and do that computer enhancing thing I’ve been playing around with, and I’ll post it as a comparison with this drawing.

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