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draw Anime girl

This tutorial on how to draw Anime girl body is basic. So if you should follow step by step images below watch the video I demo, you should be able to do it also.
Okay start this step by drawing out the rough construction lines and shapes to form a nice frame for the female anime body. Draw out a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. Add a neck line and then the rectangle shape of her squared torso. Add one oval shape for her hips. And more straight lines drawn out as upper leg part of this female body. The easiest way is to think of body part and break them into geometry shapes to start with.
In this second step you will start it out by drawing the shape of the chin and jaw. Once that is done add the shape of the neck and shoulders
Then you are going to work on adding more shape and definition to the body. Start by drawing out the shape of the head and hair style and then add the bottom eye line. Add the eyebrow lines and then the mouth and nose. Give her some collar bones. Detail her torso by adding an arched line for her rib and then an arch line on her breast. Erase all the constructionlines and shapes that you drew in step one
Drawing Anime girl body tutorial
how to draw manga girl body How to draw Anime girl
learn to draw anime

Here is a Video Tutorial How to draw Anime Manga Girl body

Here are step by step How to draw Anime body or figure follow closely.
As seen in the first image, I draw simple geometry shapes to form a head, body, and hip.
Step 2, I draw left arm, right arm then legs. You can follow along the arrow I drew. Then I add simple shapes for both of her hands.
Step 3, I sketch her facial feature then add hair shape.
Step 4, at this point you should be good to go as long as you follow the video instruction. If you don’t get it the first trial, watch it multiple times.
how to draw anime body How to draw Anime girl
how to draw anime girl step by step
Then the following step, I already have under drawing sketch set up. All I have to do is refine detail and draw nice clean lines to make her pretty.
how to draw anime girl How to draw Anime girl
how to draw anime girl's body

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