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draw woman hip

to draw or paint women to have sex appeal. (the degree or appeal varies depending on your subject matters or what you want to convey.) Figure is one of those things, if the drawing or painting is just slightly off or inaccurate, especially in female, 

we know right away. It takes time and practice to try to capture the beauty of female form in two dimensional surface.
I am not saying that you have to make it as realistic as possible when drawing figure. Stylize women drawing can also have an appeal to us. What I mean is that you have to understand the core, how these curve and line effect our subconscious. You can alway exaggerate your drawing, but too much or too little can decrease or increase the appeal of the drawing itself. When drawing women, the key to sex appeal is to accentuate at the right amount, but again it also a personal preference.
GirlButts Tutorial001f How to draw woman hip
how to draw woman hip

Let’s begin:
Below are step by step tutorial instruction how to draw woman’s hip and butts.
1) I usually start of with the spine line. I either make it close to “C” or “S” curve to accentuate the flow of the body gesture and movement.
2) Then I draw another line to construct her butts or hip shape all the way to the waist line.
GirlButts Tutorial001a How to draw woman hip
How to draw woman pelvis
3) Then I establish the should level, and construct two lines for her torso.
4) After you have the body frame, then you can create her thighs (legs) from the hip. I always try to make the line not too angular to accentuate the curve, (or you can make it straight first then fix it later if it is easier for you.)
GirlButts Tutorial001b How to draw woman hip
How to draw woman back and butts
5) I establish both arms off from the shoulder ends.
6) Then I put more construction lines to establish her gluteal muscles.
GirlButts Tutorial001c How to draw woman hip
how to draw woman hips step by step
7) Now you have the rough frame of a female body from the back view.
8) From here, I pick the light source then start establishing shadow along her figure starting from the bottom of her behind.
GirlButts Tutorial001d How to draw woman hip
draw woman anatomy back
9) Then I keep expanding the rendering…
10) -11) all the way throughout her body.
GirlButts Tutorial001e How to draw woman hip
drawing female anatomy back
Watch art video tutorial how to draw and paint female’s butts

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