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draw basic face

This is a very basic drawing instruction about how to draw a person’s head and facial structure for portrait. You will learn from both video and step by step images. This one should be one of the easiest tutorial I have made. It is real time drawing because there are so many request for basic foundation and structure of portrait and figure so here is another basic facial portrait. Well, I also feel like adding a goatee onto the face too, just for fun. I hope you will enjoy the tutorial.
For those of you who think this is too easy for you, well…too bad, you will have to find the more difficult and challenging ones on this website. I am very sure you can find some that will suit you just fine.
drawing basic face How to draw basic face

drawing basic face
Watch the video tutorial how to draw basic face easy to follow

with color lines to point out some of the facial drawing tips.  Line 1, circle of the skull or head.  Then follow by line 2, to draw jaw line or chin.  Line 3 is a vertical measurement line that draw to split the front plane of the face in half.  On number 4, they are parallel lines, the top one is a horizontal line that cut the first circle in half.  Then I draw two almond shapes in between the parallel lines.  They will be both eyes and the width between them equal the almond shape’s width.  Line 5, is half way between the upper parallel line and the bottom of the chin.  Line 6 is half way between line 5 and bottom of the chin.
tips on drawing face How to draw basic face
tips on drawing face
Below are the step by step how to draw basic face images.  Step 1, I just lay out the construction line as describe on the tips above.  Step 2, I then shade in some basic shadow for facial feature.  Step 5, I use darker line to draw eyes, nose, and mouth.  Then I paint in more gray value to bring out the the feature within the face.
how to draw basic face How to draw basic face
how to draw basic face
Final drawing of basic face.
drawing basic face How to draw basic face
drawing basic face

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