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paint figure female back

Here is another step by step study from me. I’ve been trying to do a lot of painting to warm up before I start doing a real illustration. Though I have to admit that most of the time the warm up quick paintings can turn out better than the actual painting that I am trying to do for no reason. Usually I will spend an hour and half or two hours max to warm up, in my opinion it should be less than an hour to warm up. Though sometimes an under painting of a piece under an hour has potential then I got carry away and spend more time than I need to for the warm up.
If you don’t know what speed painting is here is a somewhat definition of it. I could be called color and composition sketch.
Speed Painting is an exercise, primarily digital, in which one paints on a time budget usually in one sitting and less than a few hours, using already developed methods to create a piece. Speed Painting is a widely used term in the Entertainment industry, often amongst Concept Artists. Raw speed painting is akin to the “Alla Prima” method of traditional fine artists. It is about using value, color, texture, and composition to create a compelling and narrative piece within a relatively narrow time frame. The pieces usually have an “unpolished” and “raw” appearance, which stresses the importance of every stroke made on the canvas, digital or otherwise.
If you are interested in more of the same approach check out values tonal study female figure, and more basic how to draw video and step by step go watch How to draw female face, How to draw realistic face front view, and How to draw a man face comics.
Here is a speed painting figure study.
speed painting tutorial figure study How to paint figure female back
 painting female back figure
Below are step by step from gesture to underpainting.
 How to paint figure female back
how to paint woman back
speed painting tutorial figure study How to paint figure female back
painting female back figure

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